Incorporating Reading and Writing into the Visual Arts

The reason why reading and writing should be included in the visual arts is because students who are learning a particular skill in reading and writing can also mirror that same skill in the visual arts. The action of reading and writing in art creates a bridge between the two seemly isolated subjects.  Students will start to see connections and skills that were mirrored will now become one image.

Visual arts mirror the same skills that students use for reading and writing. The visual arts start with a dot, which forms a line, which forms a shape, which then becomes a picture.  This is the same with the starting with a letter, then a word, then a sentence, then a story. 

 A website that I have put together for visual arts teachers called Incorporating Reading and Writing in the Visual Arts can be found when you click here.  The website is still under construction; however, two wonderful lessons incorporating reading skills and writing tools are used.  The website is also for reading or language arts instructors who would like to have their students use the visual arts in their classroom.

 The print media lesson uses technology also utilizes a skill in looking at print in media and making personal connections.  The Pop Art lesson has students generate and answer their own questions about art.  Students also use a spider web/chart to generate ideas for their own art.

 My students have already completed the print media lesson and the lesson was very successful.  A few more days were needed because the students did not have the experience with the software of Microsoft Publisher or with scanning an image.  I also edited the students work before they printed off a final copy.  This allowed the students to make revisions and move text so that it was in the printing margin.

 Students in my art class are currently in the middle of the Pop Art lesson.  Some students were confused at first when I had them write their own questions and then answer them.  After explaining the idea they were excited to write and answer their own questions about the artwork.

Artfully yours,

Mrs. Berry


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